When Can I Renew My Pag-ibig Multi-Purpose Loan?

How soon can I apply again for a Pag-ibig Multi-Purpose Loan or Short-term Loan?

You can apply again after you have paid at least 6 monthly amortizations,
and you have made 5 monthly contributions or savings within the last 6 months prior to new loan application.

The outstanding loan balance will be deducted from the new loan.

Can I apply again even if I defaulted on my Multi-Purpose Loan?
Yes, but only if you have paid at least 6 monthly amortizations before you defaulted and if Pag-ibig has already effected TAV offsetting, meaning Pag-ibig has already used your TAV to pay off your remaining loan balance.  TAV is the total of all your monthly savings, employers' contributions and dividends.

You can request Pag-ibig for immediate TAV offsetting if you can prove you're in any of the following situations:
 - Loss of job
 - Serious illness (either you or immediate family member). Present a medical certificate issued by a licensed doctor.
 - Death of an immediate family member

Can I apply again if I defaulted on  my loan and have not paid at least 6 monthly amortizations prior to default?
Yes, but only after 2 or more years.
You can apply again after 2 years from date of TAV offsetting. If your TAV offsetting was done 2 years after your loan release, then your waiting time is longer.

What is TAV offsetting again?
It means Pag-ibig will use your Total Accumulated Values (TAV) to pay off your unpaid loan.
TAV is the total of your monthly savings/contributions, your employers' contributions and your annual dividends.


  1. TAV OFFSET yong loan ko meaning paid na po ba? am I eligible to reloan?

  2. Does this means I am already eligible to renew my loan? Please be informed that your Multi-Purpose Loan dated 03/23/2017 has monthly amortization 1,356.70 and your Loan term is from 06/15/2017-05/15/2019 and has a total of 6 months of payment.Your outstanding loan balance amounting to 24,486.31 as of 12/12/2017. Please do not reply to this automated message.

  3. Hi Faith: Yes, you can renew now your loan, but it might be better if you wait for some more months, so your net loan amount will be bigger. Loan amount is based on 60% to 80% of total TAV (contributions and dividends) minus outstanding loan balance. Kaya kung ibabawas ang balance mo na 24,486.31 baka konti rin lang ang mahiram mo.

    1. ilan buwan o taon po ba bago ma tav off-set ang isang loan?

    2. Loan Offsetting: After 3 months na walang loan payment, ino-offset na nila.

  4. hnd po kse malinaw dti ung offset.. na offset npo pla ako but ng bbayad pdn ppo ako ng loan sa company at reniremit po iyon sa pagibig..san npupunta ang binabayad ko..ano po dapat kong gawin?..

    thank you po

    1. Pag-ibig offset: Punta ka sa Pag-ibig branch mo at humingi ng printout ng loan statement at TAV statement para makita mo kung na-post ang mga loan payments mo at kung saan napunta. Kung hindi na sila nagpi-print, sabihin mo sa officer yong concern mo para ipakita nila sa yo kung saan napunta yong loan payments mo after na-offset na yong loan at TAV mo.

  5. hi po, automatic ba na e offset ng pag ibig kapag wlang loan payment for salary loan? thanks!

  6. Hi! NaOffset po 2nd loan ko pero 10 years na ako contributions ko. Kailangan ko rin ho bang maghintay ng 2 years para makareloan.

  7. Good day po.ask ko lng kc nqgtext ang pg ibig n full payment last 12/2017 due to tav offset.klan po ako pwede magloan ulit.salamqt po.

  8. Pwede b ako mag loan or lumpsum ng pag ibig multi nagbwork ako ng 16 years pero my balance pa ako


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