How to Change Pag-ibig Fund Data Online

Updated July 13, 2016

This is how to change your Pag-ibig Fund Data ONLINE. 
You can edit or delete some of your Pag-ibig member data or personal information online.

1.  Go to pagibigfund.gov.ph

2.  Click e-services

3.  Click Click to Register

4.  Select Update Registration Information using the Pag-IBIG Membership ID (MID) Number
   You don't have a Pag-ibig MID No. yet?
.  If what you have is POP number, click Update Registration Information using the POP Number
.  If what you have is only your Tracking Number, click  View Registration Information option for registered members using the Registration Tracking Number

5.  Click Continue

3.  Type your Pag-ibig MID No., Last Name and First Name
Enter the code that you see
Click Proceed

Member Name
Marital Status
Date of Birth

5.  Click Dropdown Arrow of SELECT CHANGE TYPE
Select what you want to change

These are the data items that you can change:

Member Name
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Spouse's Name
Mother's Maiden Name
Father's Name
Member Name Appearing in the Birth Certificate
Government Issued Numbers
Preferred Mailing Address
Email Address
Contact Information
Employment History
Permanent Address
Present Address
Membership Category
Place of Birth
Height and Weight
Frequency of Payment

6.  Click Update

7.   You will see your member data
       Click Update if you want to Change something
       Click Delete if you want to Delete information
8.  Click Close

9.  Click Exit

10.  If you're connected to a printer, you can click PRINT to print your data.



  1. I cant change my place of birth from pateros to quezon city

    1. About change of birth place, if the process above does not work, you can email publicaffairs@pagibigfund.gov.ph or call 724-4244. Maybe they're strict now with basic changes -- their Member Data Change form requires a birth certificate if the change is change of birth place, and other important changes.

  2. Hi there, I followed the steps here and was about to print my MDF after I have updated my info. However when I saw the pdf file, below the part where you will have to put your signature and the date of signing, there appeared a "FOR Pag-ibig FUND USE ONLY" section, with a "RECEIVED BY" and "DATE" blanks.

    ^does this mean I have to print the form and personally go to the pagibig branch to effect the changes? :( I live quite far my pag ibig branch so was hoping not to go there anymore.

    Or do I just ignore that "FOR Pag-ibig FUND USE ONLY" section below the signature and date??

    The pagibig mdf form is for preemployment reqs for my 2nd job.


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