Minimum Monthly Savings for Pag-ibig 1 is 200 pesos 
              (100 from Employee and 100 from Employer)
              (Employee can increase savings,
                but Employer's contribution remains 100 pesos).

Minimum Monthly Savings for Pag-ibig 1 (Individual Payors) is 200 pesos

Minimum Monthly Savings for MP2 or P2 (for all members) is 500 pesos.

Maximum Monthly Savings for P1 or MP2 is 5,000 pesos.

If you like to save more than 5,000 monthly, get another MP2 account. You can have more than 1 MP2 account.

Pag-ibig Savings Dividends

Pag-ibig Contributions -- Save More, Gain More Dividends

Pag-ibig Savings for 20 Years

What Are Mandatory Pag-ibig, Pag-ibig 1, Pag-ibig 2, MP2 and POP?

Optional Withdrawal of Pag-ibig Savings

Pag-ibig Payment Deadlines


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