How to Get Your Pag-ibig MID No.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

This is how to get your Pag-ibig MID No.

1.  Go to 
2.  Click E-SERVICES
4. Choose Register as New Member (for new member or kahit dati ka nang member)
5. Click Continue
6. Enter the code that you see (yong letters or numbers sa kanan)
7. You will see the ONLINE REGISTRATION form. Fill up the form.
    Try your best to enter data correctly because after you submit the form, you can
    correct mistakes only at the Pag-ibig branch. Hindi pa gumagana ang online correction.
    If you like to see what data items are being asked in the form, go to this list of
    Pag-ibig online registration data items.

8.  Click Submit registration
9.  You will receive acknowledgment of your registration. You will receive a Registration Tracking No.
     on your cell phone or via email.
10. Keep your Registration Tracking No.

11. After 1 day or 2 days, go to again.
13. Choose  View Registration Information
14. Enter your Registration Tracking No.
      Enter your Last Name
      Enter your First Name

      Enter the code
      Click Proceed
15. Click PRINT MDF
16.  Look for your Pag-ibig MID No. sa top right portion (taas, kanan)
       Para lumaki yong member data form, click mo yong Cancel sa kaliwa, yong katabi ng Print
17.  Copy your Pag-ibig MID No.


echoes25 said...

thanks man! it helps alot

Laren said...

pano pag mali pla ung bday sa MID then may new application for new MID dahil nakalimutan na meron na plang MID? magkkaron ba ng two MIDs? or disregard na lang ung una since mali nmn ung bday? then wait for the new one?

Nors said...

Hi Laren, depende na sa evaluation, kasi usually, kahit 2x or 3x ka nag-register online, at pareho lang ang basic personal info, the same MID pa rin ang ibinibigay. Hindi ko sure kung paano ide-decide ng evaluator kung different persons ba kasi different birthdays pero the same yong other personal info. Tingnan mo na lang; use the MID associated to your correct birth date. Later on, go to Pag-ibig and check if your contributions are being credited to your MID with the correct birth date. Bring your birth certificate and IDs.

Kim Adolfo said...

thank u so much for this :)

jezrael celocia said...

not effective even until today i dont have my MID no. please somebody tell me how i really badly needing it for my job requirements....PLEASE...

Nora said...

hi jezrael, do you mean you did steps Nos. 1 to 8 above but Pag-ibig did not text you or email your transaction no.?

jezrael celocia said...

they only send me the tracking number its almost a month from now since I registered to pag-ibig until no MID number. I cant get my salary. Soo disgusting in my part that It trust there online registration. What should i do?

jezrael celocia said...

Please help me for this problem I really need my MID number so that I would get my salary,

Ziana lallana said...

thanks sa info pero may tracking number na po ako wala nga lang po nkalabas na mid number pnu po mkakakuha neto.

Nora said...

Hi jezrael, nagawa mo na rin yong Steps Nos. 11 to 16, pero wala pang MID no. sa record mo? I hope meron na.

Nora said...

HI Ziana, gawin mo yong Steps Nos. 11 to 16... para makita mo yong Pag-ibig MID no. mo. Makikita mo sa bandang top right ng form na lalabas.

jezrael celocia said...

Nagawa ko na lahat ng steps kaso wala parin....Pakitulungan nyu ako please pag wala MID number ko hindi ako makakakuha ng sahod ko..

Nora said...

Hi jezrael, paki-email mo nga ang first name, middle name and surname mo and then your tracking no. to and I'll check.

As for my experience, just today, I emailed them to request for my MID number and I've got a quick reply.

They have Facebook account too. Mobile Numbers. Call Center.

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