Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pag-ibig Death Benefits -- Documents Needed to Claim

If a Pag-ibig member dies, Pag-ibig Fund will divide the Provident and Death Benefits among the legal heirs, as defined by the New Family Code.

File your Pag-ibig Provident and Death Benefit claim at the Pag-ibig branch where the deceased member's contributions were remitted.

1.  Death certificate of Pag-ibig member
   Get from NSO

2.  Funeral Receipt or Certification of Payments
   Get from funeral service provider

3.  Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs (Notarized)
   Download form from Pag-ibig website or get from Pag-ibig 
4.  Application for Provident Benefits Claim
Download form from Pag-ibig website or get from Pag-ibig

5.  Birth certificates of all children
    Get from NSO, or get confirmation or baptismal certificate from church

6.  Affidavit of Guardianship (Notarized),
for claimant children 18 years old and below, or physically/mentally incompetent children

7.  Proof of relationship of claimant to Pag-ibig member who died
  - Birth certificate of deceased member, if claimant is parent
  - Birth certificates of claimants, if claimants are the children
  - Marriage certificate, if claimant is legal spouse
  - Certified true copy of baptismal/confirmation certificate is accepted if NSO copy is not available

8.  Certificate of No Marriage, if deceased member is single
   Get from NSO

9.  2 Valid photo IDs of claimant

10.  Special Power of Attorney, if claim is filed by authorized representative

  2 Valid photo IDs of authorized representative are required.

11.  Pag-ibig may ask for additional documents


After filing, you will receive a Claims Acknowledgment Receipt (CAR).
Date of release will be written on the CAR.
Pag-ibig may call you during evaluation of documents, if more documents are needed


Present CAR and 2 valid IDs.

NOTE: Make sure to write accurately all the names and addresses of companies and dates of employment of the deceased in the Application for Provident Benefits Claim form.
This is important, specially for members who worked in different companies located in different cities. Pag-ibig records are NOT yet totally centralized, so it's possible that if the member worked in 2 or more companies in different cities, the member's savings were remitted to 2 or more Pag-ibig branches.

Provident Benefits = Savings or Contributions from Employee and Employer Plus Dividends
Death Benefit = 6,000 pesos (If the Total Provident Benefit is lower than 6,000 pesos, the Death Benefit is the same amount as the Total Provident Benefit.)

Documents to Claim Pag-ibig Death Benefits


  1. what if i miss one of the requirment ?

    1. Pag-ibig will require you to complete your documents before they will release your benefit.

  2. what if the member died 2 years ago?...can i still claim it?

  3. My aunt died, she is single and has no immediate family except for me. I am his nephew. Can i make claim so that the money can help cover some of the burial cost? Thanks!

  4. Hi dhel achinges and Qamote, sorry for the delayed reply.
    Dhel, you can still file your claim even if the member died 2 or 3 or 9 years ago.
    Qamote, yes, you can file your claim. Pag-ibig will require you to submit documents proving that you are the nearest living relative.