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Pag-ibig Death Benefits -- Documents Needed to Claim

Pag-ibig death benefits, which mean Provident benefits plus death benefit, are only for persons who are still Pag-ibig members when they die.

If a person has already claimed his Provident benefits when he retired, his heirs are no longer qualified to claim a death benefit when he dies. Why? Because he stopped being a Pag-ibig member when he claimed his Provident benefits.

If a current Pag-ibig member dies, Pag-ibig Fund will divide the member's Provident and Death Benefits among the legal heirs, as defined by the New Family Code.

File your Pag-ibig Provident and Death Benefit claim at the Pag-ibig branch where the deceased member's contributions were remitted.

1.  Death certificate of Pag-ibig member
   Get from NSO

2.  Funeral Receipt or Certification of Payments
   Get from funeral service provider

3.  Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs (Notarized)
   Download form from Pag-ibig website or get from Pag-ibig 
4.  Application for Provident Benefits Claim
Download form from Pag-ibig website or get from Pag-ibig

5.  Birth certificates of all children
    Get from NSO, or get confirmation or baptismal certificate from church

6.  Affidavit of Guardianship (Notarized),
for claimant children 18 years old and below, or physically/mentally incompetent children

7.  Proof of relationship of claimant to Pag-ibig member who died
  - Birth certificate of deceased member, if claimant is parent
  - Birth certificates of claimants, if claimants are the children
  - Marriage certificate, if claimant is legal spouse
  - Certified true copy of baptismal/confirmation certificate is accepted if NSO copy is not available

8.  Certificate of No Marriage, if deceased member is single
   Get from NSO

9.  2 Valid photo IDs of claimant

10.  Special Power of Attorney, if claim is filed by authorized representative

  2 Valid photo IDs of authorized representative are required.

11.  Pag-ibig may ask for additional documents


After filing, you will receive a Claims Acknowledgment Receipt (CAR).
Date of release will be written on the CAR.
Pag-ibig may call you during evaluation of documents, if more documents are needed


Present CAR and 2 valid IDs.

NOTE: Make sure to write accurately all the names and addresses of companies and dates of employment of the deceased in the Application for Provident Benefits Claim form.
This is important, specially for members who worked in different companies located in different cities. Pag-ibig records are NOT yet totally centralized, so it's possible that if the member worked in 2 or more companies in different cities, the member's savings were remitted to 2 or more Pag-ibig branches.

Provident Benefits = Savings or Contributions from Employee and Employer Plus Dividends
Death Benefit = 6,000 pesos (If the Total Provident Benefit is lower than 6,000 pesos, the Death Benefit is the same amount as the Total Provident Benefit.)

Documents to Claim Pag-ibig Death Benefits


  1. what if i miss one of the requirment ?

    1. Pag-ibig will require you to complete your documents before they will release your benefit.

  2. what if the member died 2 years ago?...can i still claim it?

  3. My aunt died, she is single and has no immediate family except for me. I am his nephew. Can i make claim so that the money can help cover some of the burial cost? Thanks!

  4. Hi dhel achinges and Qamote, sorry for the delayed reply.
    Dhel, you can still file your claim even if the member died 2 or 3 or 9 years ago.
    Qamote, yes, you can file your claim. Pag-ibig will require you to submit documents proving that you are the nearest living relative.

  5. Ray Philip DomingoJul 8, 2015, 4:57:00 AM

    Hi! My father died recently. My mom now applied for the benefits of Pag-ibig. As one of the requirements, both my elder sister and I provided our birth certificates. But as we call them for updates, they are saying that they are having an issue with our birth certificate. According to them, it looks like I'm now the oldest of the two. I don't know how did that happen but now they are requiring us to submit a Joint Affidavit (for which I don't know what that is) and submit it to them.

    Can you please explain to me what is that affidavit?

    Can we ask the Pag-ibig officers to re-verify our documents so that it won't be a hassle for both parties?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ray Philip, you should call your father's Pag-ibig branch again, and ask what is the Joint Affidavit for. Based on what you said, what I can think of is that your father could have written incorrectly your birth dates when he wrote your names as his dependents on his Pag-ibig member registration form. But it's best that you ask Pag-ibig.
      About the affidavit form, see here Pag-ibig's Joint Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons form.

  6. Complete na po ako ng requirements almoat 3x na ngsubmitt at last july01 po ako ngsubmit ulit ng produce ng panibago kasi mail back nila sa hindi nman address ng claimant.. bakit po ganun kahigpit kau sa death claim eh ok nman na lahat2.. my late husband ERIC LUTAO BULAGNER dec06,1989.. I'm his wife.. how long nman ako mghihintay!?.. last dec01,2014 pa nwala mr ko..

  7. Question about death claim Jul 21, 2015
    My requirements are already complete. almost 3x I have submitted. last july 01 I again submitted. I produced another set because they mailed back not to the address of the claimant. Why is it like that? Why are you so strict with the death claim when everything is okay? my late husband ERIC LUTAO BULAGNER dec 06,1989. I'm his wife. how long should I wait? It has been months ago last dec 01,2014 that my husband died.
    Pag-ibig is strict with the documents because they want to be sure there will be no other claimants after they have granted the benefits. Processing might take 1 month or more for processing. You can email

  8. Hi. a govt. employee retired taking all the employee as well as the employer's share as his retirement scheme. Recently he died. upon processing his burial benefit, the surviving spouse was informed by the pagibig staff that the deceased member is no longer qualified to avail of burial benefit because he has already received Pagibig contribution upon his retirement. Who really are entitled for burial benefits from Pag-ibig?

    1. About Pag-ibig death benefit: the death benefit, which is 6,000 or lower, is for those who are still Pag-ibig members at the time of death. This government employee stopped being a Pag-ibig member after he got all his Pag-ibig savings when he retired. That means he was no longer a member when he died. Pag-ibig is different from SSS where the death benefit is separate from all the other benefits.

    2. my both parent are died una po father ko 5years na po at mama ko is 2yera nakuha ko na po ung sa mother ko na death benefits, ung sa father ko po hnde pa kasi sa cenomar po 2 po pinaksalan. una po ung isang babae na matandang dalaga n dw po kwnto po ng side ng father ko sabi skn sa pag ibig dapat my detah cert, kung patay na. me copy n po ako ng nso na nag patulong po aq mhanp na lumalabas po na matanada na nga po ung girl.. 1980 po cla nagpakasal same year ng mama ko at 2 beses po nagpakasal mama at papa ko. 1986 po namatay ung unang babae. pede ko na pb ifile ung sa claim benefits ng papa ko? ano ano po ba kaya ang needs na docs, pero sb nmn sakin death lng ok na daw po na proof if tlgng wla na.. sa anak nmn po wala sila naging anak sa kasi months lang po sila nag sama at matandang dalaga na naga raw po.. pasensya na po if mahaba. salamat po

    3. About Pag-ibig death benefit claim; father married 2 women
      Both of my parents are deceased. First, my father died 5 years ago, and my mama, 2 years ago. I have claimed my mother's death benefits. I have not claimed my father's benefits because cenomar says he married 2 women. The first was a spinster, according to my father's relatives. I was told by Pag-ibig that there should be a death certificate if the member has died. I have the nso copy. The woman is old. They got married 1980, same year with that of my mama's. My mama and papa got married twice. The first woman died 1986. Can I file my claim for my papa's benefits? What documents are needed? I was told the death certificate is enough proof. About kids, they didn't have a child, as they lived together only for a few months, and the woman was a spinster. Please bear with me as this is long. Thanks
      Yes, you can file your claim. Documents: your father's death certificate, death certificate of father's first wife, your birth certificate, 2 photo IDs, Provident benefit claim form, Proof of surviving heirs form. Pag-ibig might ask for the Cenomar report and your mother's marriage certificate and death certificate.

    4. Thank you , Ms. Nora Tamba. ayusin ko na po ito as soon as possible kumpleto na po ako sa documents,death NSO nalng po nung unang babae ang aayusin ko po.. salamat po. pero po wala po kaya ma itatanong sakin kasi napansin ko ko single po ung status ng girl sa death certificate. thank you po sa respond :)

    5. About claim for father's Pag-ibig benefits
      Thank you, Ms. Nora Tamba. I'll fix this as soon as possible. My documents are complete. I'll just need to fix the first woman's death NSO. Thanks po. Would they ask me anything because in the woman's death certificate, her status is single. Thank you po for the response :)
      Thanks too. I hope Pag-ibig will no longer ask anything about the status of the first woman. If they'll ask, just say that maybe only a few know that she had married your father, since you said that your father married your mother in the same year.

    6. Oh I forgot, Pag-ibig might also ask about the first woman's marriage certificate. But I hope the cenomar report will be enough.